About a Girl

My grandfather, Paul J. Mulé , was a poet who I never had a chance to meet in person. I only know him in writing. He wrote a poem about my father, About A Boy, that gave me a look inside the early life of another man that was lost to me.

As my niece was brought into the world, it became apparent over the waiting hours that there was no better way to celebrate her entry than to rewrite my grandfather’s work. I thought it would give my father and grandfather something to read up there in the deep whites of the sky.

I thought it was the right thing to do–to write a story the Mulé way.

Never give up, little gal. I love you.

By C. P. Mulé & Paul J. Mulé.

Completed 10/24/2016, 12:40 AM.

Little sweet girl with rosy cheeks, how can I love you more?
I see in you the loving grace that I had owned before;

The peewee hands, the doting stare, the way your dress glistens,
The way your fair mother glares, “A Mulé, never listens,”
The dog you love, the frogs and bugs, the big birds and the cats,
The shiny shoes, the bow you wear, those ballerina flats,
The dolls and bears atop your bed, your socks there on the floor,
The way you treasure all the things, that fill your secret drawer,
The looks that come upon your face, no, nothing to dismiss,
The tear that tumbles brow to chin and says, “I’m sorry, Chris,”
The eagerness that fires your soul, the questions that you ask,
The answer that I sometimes give, our wicked world to mask,
The simple times you look away, a handsome boy goes by,
The innocence you hold today, I wish would never die,
The bright smile, the clean white neck before you go to bed,
The stink of dance and leotards all gone now from your head.
Then little arms embrace my chest to say, “I love you so,”
That kiss you slush against my face that also lets me know,
Your summer days are precious ones, our time is on a lease,
Till autumn comes and soon it seems you’ll be grown up, my niece.
You’ll see the world’s great treasure chest, its diamonds and its toys,
You’ll see beyond the Bradley shore, you’ll even notice boys,
You’ll work and sweat and cry and laugh, you’ll stumble and you’ll fall,
You’ll rise again, and sometimes feel you’d like to chuck it all,
You’ll hope and dream, you’ll push and shove, you’ll love – a different way,
You’ll find you have to make a buck from day, to day, to day,
You’ll take a drink, and stone yourself, you’ll take a risk and lose,
You’ll find it’s really not so hot to do just as you choose.

When the lullaby stops, so goes those fancy ballet twirls,
I hope that God in giving gifts, keeps giving cheeky girls.


I am happy to display the artwork of local artists. The beautiful work included as the showcase image was produced by Yardley Artist Vincent Paragano. 

Vincent Paragano is a multi-disciplinary creative with a passion for music production, illustration, film scoring, album art design, and creative writing. Born in 1995, he discovered his passion for the arts at a young age. In 2017, he graduated from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology. With every project, Vincent aims to help clients realize their artistic vision. In his lifetime, he hopes to utilize his passions to make a positive difference on the world. Find him online at vincentparagano.com.