Beaks of Men

I wrote this poem yesterday while sitting in my stepfather’s pub, which was duly filled with Bourbons). It hasn’t been critiqued once; there was only a single applaud for my use of meter. I could hear from the open window the songs of birds.

Completed 06/29/2017.

I sit among the birds today. They chirp
so gallantly: the might of beak and tongue.
Why must fine men like me be stung with rap
or mum. It seems that songs of yesterday
have gone the way of Kings. So dead sweet sounds
of nightingales, oh God: such misery.
Fear not, for I shall twist my voice, be free!
The men of art will have their day, fly free! Fly free.

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Born and raised in quaint Long Valley, NJ, Erik Elsasser attended West Morris Central HS, graduated in 2013, and began a new chapter of his life at the University of Delaware, studying Mechanical Engineering. That chapter came to a premature end when he was offered and accepted an internship at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. This excited chapter lasted a year, and he now finds himself pursuing an Associates Degree in Industrial Design at County College of Morris. His ambition and love of life is ever growing with each and every experience he has! You can find hime online at his website or on Instagram via @elsasser_art.

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