“I might not be more skilled than other scientists, but I have the persistence of a mule.”Albert Einstein

About the Author:

C. P. Mulé has had many childhood nicknames—all of his own invention.The boy of yesteryear took inspiration from films, athletics, or even from on-the-nose dad jokes. This assortment of many masks never gave him any sort of satisfaction. In a journey to better himself and those he loved dearly the boy became a young man; he took off his mask and put on his glasses. Now his every day is filled to the brim with joys and the world’s great mysteries. A recent graduate of the University of Delaware, he has begun his career and hopes to be a life long learner of all things; his favorite part of any day involves his homework (a good book and a cup of Joe).

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The year is 3082; the human species is well nigh finished on what is now known as the planet-state of Europa. An Archeologist has returned from another intrepid journey amongst the remnants of what was once called North Eastern America. The cocky chap relieves himself of the late-world’s many stressors the same way his ancestors did: A journal entry in the twilight of his otherwise dark and foreboding study.


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Showcasing Artists

I am happy to display the artwork of local artists, all of whom seek to inspire everyday individuals through their various forms of brilliance. For more information on these individuals, look to the bios provided on each and every blog post.The work to the right was created by local Yardley Artist Vincent Paragano. No story is complete without the inspiration provided by illustrators like himself. Never give up, my friends!